Universal Shooting Academy Results

Match Name:2017 International Revolver Championship
Match Date:2017-11-03
Club ID:CFL05
Last Score:2017-11-05 15:53

OverallCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Class LeadersCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Category LeadersCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 1 Not My HouseCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 2 Just A Swingin CombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 3 Down The HallCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 4 It's A MazeCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 5 Trick Or TreatCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 6 Going AwayCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 7 Left And RightCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 8 BobbingCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 9 X - FactorCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 10 Accuracy Is FinalCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 11 Ring The Bell FirstCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 12 Staggered HandsCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 13 DeltaCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open
Stage 14 Steel And FarCombinedClassicLimitedLimited 6Open

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