Universal Shooting Academy Results

Match Name:2017 Kel-Tec Area 6 Multigun Championship
Match Date:2017-04-07
Club ID:CFL05
Last Score:2017-04-09 14:29

Stage 1 Minute Of AngleCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 2 Under CoverCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 3 Light It UpCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 4 The Heck?CombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 5 In Case You Missed ItCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 6 Good LawdCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 7 U Find Em All?CombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 8 Now U See Em, Now U Don'tCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Class LeadersCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Category LeadersCombinedOpenTactical

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