Universal Shooting Academy Results

Match Name:2017 Scattergun Challenge
Match Date:2017-09-15
Club ID:CFL05
Last Score:2017-09-16 16:26

OverallCombinedOpenPump MeTactical
Stage 1 Welcome To The JungleCombinedOpenPump MeTactical
Stage 2 House PartyCombinedOpenPump MeTactical
Stage 3 Buck The SystemCombinedOpenPump MeTactical
Stage 4 Be Steel My HeartCombinedOpenPump MeTactical
Stage 5 You Are The MachineCombinedOpenPump MeTactical
Stage 6 Rock You Like IrmaCombinedOpenPump MeTactical
Stage 7 Spin DoctorCombinedOpenPump MeTactical
Stage 8 Activator, This Is An EmergencyCombinedOpenPump MeTactical
Class LeadersCombinedOpenPump MeTactical
Category LeadersCombinedOpenPump Me

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