Universal Shooting Academy Results

Match Name:2018 KelTec Area 6 Multigun Championship
Match Date:2018-03-29
Club ID:CFL09
Last Score:2018-04-01 13:40

Stage 1 Take The Night By ForceCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 2 Failure Is Not An OptionCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 3 Do ChokeCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 4 Um...Nitride Is On The MarkCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 5 XSive ManipulationCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 6 AR You A sLUTHCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 7 Made In TexasCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Stage 8 The Force Of OpticsCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Class LeadersCombinedLimitedOpenTactical
Category LeadersCombinedLimitedOpenTactical

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